UPM 2023 Conference in SLZ


SLZ Inc. exhibited their new solution in early access, ROUTi-AR, at the Ultrapure Micro (UPM) 2023 Annual Conference in Austin, Texas this past October. UPM is an important event attended by decision-makers and high-level executives that features various discussions and exhibitions focused on the production, use, and disposal of ultrapure water in the semiconductor industry. In a busy area of the exhibition floor, SLZ Inc.’s booth turned the heads of both attendees and other exhibitors alike due to their unique entry on the exhibition floor. The SLZ Inc. team featured the only booth demonstrating high-tech solutions for use in something every stakeholder at the conference is concerned about - the timely and accurate installation of their new tools and machinery.

The conference was a whirlwind of excitement as attendees from various international companies and ranging across several interconnected disciplines gathered together to exchange ideas and see what new technologies were on the horizon. Exhibitors and visitors attended various panels, presentations, and round-table discussions in rooms all around the main exhibition floor, while crowds of people bustled around booths featuring new, innovative solutions aimed at increasing production yields, lowering costs, and doing more to protect our environment.

SLZ Inc. came to the USA equipped with Android tablets, Microsoft HoloLens2 AR headsets, and valuable knowledge. The area around SLZ Inc.’s booth was quite a sight as visitors could be seen waving their hands around as they tried the interactive demo - connecting piping to machinery in AR space. It was an impressive experience for everyone involved, and most visitors to the booth opted to leave their contact information to stay in contact and to receive more information about how they might be able to benefit from adding ROUTi-AR or other SLZ Inc.’s solutions to their workflow. News of upcoming high-level meetings and planned MOUs is coming soon!

New ideas were shared, exciting technologies revealed, and lasting relationships were forged. UPM2023 was a massive success for all parties involved. SLZ Inc. is proud to have been featured at Ultrapure Micro 2023. Be on the lookout for more news of SLZ Inc. making waves at future conferences and events!