2023 CES in SLZ


SLZ Inc., an ESG construction technology company from South Korea, was selected by Seoul National University (SNU) to participate at CES 2023, the world's largest IT and consumer electronics exhibition held in Las Vegas, USA in January. SLZ Inc., which is preparing to enter the overseas market, showcased its MEP design automation solution "Smart Routing" and BIM to AR automation solution "ConBuild One" at the SNU Exhibition Hall in the Venetian Expo-Eureka Park. SLZ's technical expertise garnered attention and sparked numerous collaborations not only with ConTech-related companies but also with companies from various fields such as IT, semiconductors, metaverse, AR/VR, etc.

Deputy Minister Park Yoon-kyu of the Ministry of Science and ICT visited SLZ's exhibition hall to experience and confirm their technical capabilities. Pleased, he encouraged the company's efforts toward international growth. SLZ's technical prowess showcased at CES continues to provide opportunities to secure vital partnerships across various industries and is expected to serve as a solid foundation for entering international markets.